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Quiz: What Movie Genre Are You?
Pray hardest when it is hardest to pray.
الجادة الخامسة (via 5th-avenue-nyc)


i’m laughing so hard because most celebrities go out in public in hoodies and sweatpants so that they’ll go unnoticed but taylor swift’s just like whatever man i’m gonna wear my 10 inch hot pink heels and my pretty dress and i’m just gonna take my sweet old time walking on the sidewalk and smiling at the paparazzi because i chose this life

imagine me being beautiful enough to make you stay,
at one point that was all I hoped for.
but now I understand,
that beauty had nothing to do with it at all.
Key Ballah, Progress  (via lipstick-bullet)



learning all the words to a song where the singer sings really fast so you can sing along at the same speed is honestly the most satisfying thing


Taylor swift style board [pt. 2]